Royal Inventor

A company that empower the luxury side of engineering art technology and science

  • The Rise of Royal Inventor

    Five years, we enhanced our skills to start bringing imagination to reality. Founder & Ceo Nicholas R.T Brown envisions a company that will be superior in technological advancements that will bring the pinnacle of creativity to life. Focusing on the luxury side of Engineering, Arts, Technology & Science will positively influence change for our clientele, community, world & beyond.

  • Mission

    Our focus will be to influence change for a better future. Royal represents the power of influence that the monarch has on their kingdom. Inventors describe how technological advancements have constantly changed how our society operates. Our Mission is to deliver a better future for our clientele by physically changing the world around them. Subsequently, this will require us to make a positive change in the community, environment, education, violence & mental health.

  • Imagination to reality

    The concept of bringing imagination to reality is powerful but essential. Achieving our mission well requires breaking the limits of creativity to develop solutions to complex problems. Our engineers will use advanced methods in S.T.E.M. to bring those solutions to life.

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  • The Horizon of Augmented Reality

    Experience a new horizon while we take new heights with augmented reality! While we in development of our interactive AR experience, we aim to to enhance our connection with clientele to give them the ultimate perspective of Royal Inventor.

  • Who wears our Luxury Apperal

    Our ideal clientele wants to influence a change to live in a better world and have a taste for a prestigious & exclusive lifestyle. We use various creative methods with our most innovative engineers to deliver products that will always give our clientele recognition as an influencer of change with esteemed status, whether cozy in our hoodies or lively in our shorts.

  • Art

    Royal Inventor is starting a new era in the art world.
    With original pieces from our designers at Royal Inventor and collaboration with various artists, we have a collection of art with different creative styles. We are developing a project for our clientele who want to enter the world of Nfts.

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  • Why our we luxurious

    We bring an exclusive status to our clientele creatively and comfortably. We only use the most exclusive materials from around the world. Our Supima cotton tees our superior to any other by being engineered to be the softest, most vital, & to have longevity in package condition.

  • Building up our Community

    Royal Inventor will ensure we go above and beyond to support our community in any way we can. Using our resources, we will devise a solution to complex problems to help anyone influencing a change in their community. We also support local artists, musicians, and up-and-coming engineers.

  • Thank you for your support

    A flap of a small butterfly wing can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. Any support we receive is fantastic, appreciated, and will not go in vain. So once again, thank you for supporting Royal Inventor and influencing a change for a better future.

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The origins

"The first design of the logo was drawn in a math class."

  • Nicholas R.T Brown founded Royal Inventor on April 29, 2021. "It was always my dream to build a technology company that can create whatever imaginable; we will make a better world using Creativity, Engineering, and innovative thinking." Royal Inventor is the fifth company attempted to be created by Nicholas R.T Brown; however, it is the most successful.

    We have five years of preparation & experience to build this dream company; we learn from Trial, Error, success, and failures. Mentors played a massive role in the success of this company.
    During the 2020 pandemic till now, the Founder & C.E.O. shadowed multiple successful black-owned entrepreneurs and artists to learn how to lead a company to success.

    Nicholas R.T Brown wrote the idea for the company in his notebook along with others inventions during the 8 grade. He starts having a passion and an intense curiosity for S.T.E.M. at age 7. Various programs during the second grade introduced his concept of aerospace." I started my love of S.T.E.M. by building paper airplanes during class. I remember being in this space summer camp at the Chicago planetarium, where I create a parachute glider to deliver an egg safely to the ground. Curiosity got the best, and I allowed my parachute to pick up the wind. The next thing I knew, everyone witnessed my creation flying around the dome atop the planetarium."

    Currently, an undergraduate at an H.B.C.U at Jackson State University, Nicholas R.T. Brown is receiving an education in electrical engineering. "God has given me the gifts of a creator. By being Proficient in Engineering, Design, and Arts, I plan to use my facility to build a better world in his honor. I will achieve my dream knowing I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me ( Philippians 4:13 )."

    Thank you for joining the journey of Royal Invenor