Best way to reach out is using email though the contact page or info@royalinventor.com

Care and Clean

Highly recommend that each product to be wash cold with like colors.


Shipping Policy

Shipping Domestically can take up to 14 - 21 days depending on what day of the week the order has been placed. Royal Inventor is not responsible if the order is delayed or arrives early.

International Orders will take longer and have an increased price for shipping depending on the province. 

Royal Inventor shipped products from one of many different locations. The location can change without the user's discretion. Change in location can cause a temporary hold or delay in an order. Placing order also may not be available for a week or two before the relocation.

All orders are shipped on a specific day of the week, that will change depending on the dates that are contained in that week. 

Returns and Exchanges

Exchanges and refunds

Product can be exchange if there under these conditions:

  • The product is unwashed 
  • The product is in pre package quality.

Exchanges can only be made if:

  • There was a mistake in the sizing.
  • If there was a design mistake with the embroidery/ printing. 
  • If we made a mistake in the order. 

All issues must be reported within four days of receiving the product to qualify for an Exchange.

Terms & Agreement

The Royal Inventor Terms and Agreement.

Our Private Policy in addition with our term and agreement was last updated on: (October- 22- 2022). 

Any engagement in our services i.e: Visitation, Interaction, and Purchases, automatically obligates you to all of our terms and services information located here on in any additional hyperlink.

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By using any of our services you agree that you are the minimum age of minority in your state or province. In addition the maximum age majority of  your state or province. All terms apply to each user no matter the province.

General Information

Royal Inventor LLC reserves all the right to our Logos and Designs though Copyright and Trademarks. 

Any resell or unauthorized distribution of our product is strictly prohibited and can be subjugated by law. 

Any imitations of our product is strictly prohibited and can be subjugated by law.

Royal Inventor Terms and Agreements in addition with our policy can change without the user being notified. The users are completely responsible for observing periodic changes to our policies and terms of agreement as you continue to use our services. The latest update can be located on top of the page of terms and services. In addition it can all be located here: ( October - 22 - 2022 ).

Royal Inventor LLC reserves the right to refuse our services to anyone, or for any reason, at any time. In our discretion we can limit the amount ordered to any Individual/Group via orders placed under the same billing, or shipping address. We will try our best to notify when an order has been canceled or limited via email or phone number provided when the order was placed.

Royal Inventor LLC also has the right to Refuse/Prohibit any order to anyone that may seem to be Resellers/Distributor/Dealers of our product without our written permission. 

Privacy and Protection 

Please note that Royal Inventor is powered by Shopify and will never use your personal information for any form independent market to the user. We will only use this Information: Email or Phone Number to advertise to you only when you applied for this service directly. 

Royal Inventor only uses Information provided by the user. This Information includes name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, and payment information.

 Please Note that all forms of payment information is encrypted. 


Shopping Policy 

Royal Inventor is a e-commerce store powered by Shopify.inc.

Any of our products can be discontinued or placed on hiatus for an indefinite time without the user discretion.